Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ryah's 5th Birthday

Ryah celebrated her 5th birthday the end of June.  I can't believe she is already 5.  I would like to freeze time right now and not her get any bigger.  She is at such a fun age and mom and dad are still pretty cool to her. :)  She was so ready to go to Kindergarten, but we decided to hold her back a year so she was the oldest when she got bigger.  Keslee is going to be lost next year when Ry starts school.  They do everything together and complement each other so well.  Very rarely do they argue.  I hope it stays that way as they get older.  Ryah is such a great big sister and is very protective of her sisters.  We were in Delta for her birthday due to my cousin's mission farewell so we celebrated early with a movie and the Roadhouse.  The last two years she keeps asking if she can have a party since she's Miss Social Bug, so I might just be giving in this year. ;)

We love you Ry!!!

She was upset we bought her a bigger bike with training
wheels since she doesn't need them.  We assured
her we can take them off.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Greys River

Ugh...so frustrated with myself that I have gotten so far behind.  I really enjoy keeping a blog for journaling purposes, so that is my goal for this year to be MUCH better at posting.  Now to get caught up on summer vacations from last year...

Our first trip was to Grey's River.  We had quite the crowd up there since this is when all the Kay extended family gets together.  This has been a tradition in their family for as long as Jared can remember.  Our girls always ask if we are going to Greys River for the summer.  They really enjoy that trip and playing with cousins.  We target shoot, go on 4-wheeler rides, fish, hike, play games, make s'mores, go see the Bar-J Wranglers, eat, eat, and eat some more...and most of all make memories. 

This has been such a fun trip and pushed me to get out of my shell to get to know other members of Jared's extended family.  They are a great group of people.
Jared and his brother, Tyler, loving fishing the Grey's River.

Our 4-wheeler trailer become the multi-purpose trailer with all the kids.  They play
toys in there, put on performances, slide down it, etc.

The girls love the river.

Miss Independent digging with the tractors.  She's content by herself.

Gracie had surgery on both feet a week before the trip.  The girls took
great care of her and never left her out.

Kes loves helping the little kids and making sure they don't get hurt.

Waiting to go on a 4-wheeler ride. 

Jared helping Ryah tube down the river.

The girls favorite older cousin and babysitter, Taylie.

Ash was always doing her own thing.  She thought it was pretty fun
to roam wherever.

Lumberjack contest

Nightly campfire gatherings with Jared's Grandpa playing
his guitar.

Admiring dad's catch.

Deer came right up to us.

These two are the best of friends.  They do everything together.

Ashlyn doing her own performance.

Friday, November 15, 2013


We headed to Smith and Moorehouse up by Oakley for Memorial Day.  It is one of our funnest places to camp because it is so quiet, electronics don't work, but yet it's close enough that we make a quick trip to Park City for dinner one night. :) 

Our camping excursions were a lot of fun this summer.  They aren't as much "work" now that the girls are getting older and independent.  The girls love it, too.  Keslee has asked multiple times if we can go live in the mountains in our camp trailer.  It is weird watching them do things instead of chasing them around.  We went up with Jared's family and Whitney and Beau joined us as well.  We fished, hiked, rode bikes, cooked lots of s'mores, etc.